Service Directory

In this section you will find an interactive map that provides contact information for regional addiction and mental health centres and satellite clinics across the province for the Vitalité and Horizon Health Networks. These may be especially helpful for patients who are experiencing mental health or substance use issues in their pain management efforts.  

Horizon Health Network provides services ranging from acute and specialized care to community-based health services. It offers a network of community-based primary care services offered in a variety of settings in communities throughout the province. Horizon’s primary care system is comprised of several facilities and services, including health centers, clinics, public health services, community hospitals, as well as addictions and mental health services. To learn more, click on Horizon Health Network. Click on Community Health Centers to learn more about the Network’s community health centers.

The Vitalité Health Network is a regional health authority providing and managing health care and services in an area covering northern and southeastern New Brunswick. The Vitalité Health network provides nearly 60 points of service providing a range of health care and services to members of the public. The care and services include community and home-based care and services, acute care (hospitals), public health, and addiction and mental health services among others. To learn more, click on Vitalité Health Network.  Click on Community Health Centers to learn more on the Network’s community health centers.