For Your Patients

The following tools and resources can be accessed and shared with patients to help complement consultation sessions with patients and their families and loved ones who may be assisting them in their recovery.

ResourceBrief description
Canadian Mental Health Association Opioid Agonist Therapy GuidelinesThis document is useful for patients who may benefit from opioid agonist treatment. This can be helpful in instances where patients may be experiencing opioid use issues or disorder in the primary care setting.
Choosing Wisely Canada National CampaignThe Choosing Wisely Canada serves as a national voice for reducing unnecessary tests and treatments in overall health care.  
Opioids – when you need them and when you don’t pamphletIt outlines pertinent information about opioids along with side effects and risks to know about and is particularly helpful for patients post-surgery.     
Government of New Brunswick Opioid webpageLink to the Government of New Brunswick Opioid page. Also details public health surveillance reports and information on Take Home Naloxone kits including an educational video intended for the public on how to administer Naloxone in the event of an overdose.  
Choosing Wisely Canada website – ResourcesThis Choosing Wisely Canada webpage provides links to pamphlets intended for patient to help them learn about the tests, treatments, and procedures to question, when they are necessary and when they are not, and what patients can do to improve their health.  
Non-Drug Ways to Manage Chronic Pain (CADTH, Sept 2020) – Online Collection for Clinicians & Patients  
CADTH’s series of evidence reviews appraising and summarizing the research on the effectiveness of non-drug methods for the treatment of chronic, non-cancer pain.    

Resources for People Living with Chronic Pain

The CMFC – Chorionic Non-Cancer Pain ManagementPublished by the College of Family Physicians of Canada outlines continuing professional development programs and resources for family practitioners.  
WorkSafeNB Policy: Medical Aids – OpioidsProvides details on WorkSafeNB’s policy on medical aid decision guidelines for managing opioids as a treatment for a compensable injury or disease.     
WorkSafeNB Opioid Policy: An Update for Prescribers  WorkSafeNB’s update opioid policies provides up to date information for opioid prescribers