Tools & Resources

Here are some helpful links to websites that can provide you with more informant on some of the non pharmacotherapy options that can be explored.

Non-drug ways to manage chronic pain  For online access to all CADTH’s clinicians and patient handouts for non-pharmacological methods for managing chronic pain  
Mindwell U    A great place to get started in general with mindfulness.   
College of Physiotherapists of New Brunswick  To learn more about physiotherapist services in New Brunswick
New Brunswick Association for Registered Massage Therapists  To learn more about massage therapy and how this can be useful in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.    
New Brunswick Association of Occupational Therapists  Provides information on how occupational therapy can play a role in helping to solve problems that interfere with the ability to accomplish important daily tasks.  
Canadian Chiropractic Association  To learn more about how chiropractic care can help alleviate acute and chronic symptoms as well as correct underlying mechanical dysfunctions
Association of Osteopaths of New Brunswick      Provides information on osteopathy and how this manual therapy can help optimise a person’s general heath and function.